Tiffany { Panama City Beach, Florida | Portrait Session }

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the places it has taken me! I LOVE to travel!!! I have a serious case of wanderlust, I am pretty much always planning my next excursion. So anytime a client is up for a destination session, my heart gets to racing and I am ready to go!! Tiffany is an Arkansas client, and at the time I was living in Georgia... we had previously talked about doing a session the next time I visited Arkansas but when she found herself in Panama City Beach, Florida I packed my bags and hit the road! Six hours later the ocean scent rushed through my entire body and I was ready to shoot!! However mother nature had other plans... it started to storm! So we pushed the session back as late as we could and started in the trees where minimal rain water would reach us. The sunset filled the sky with gorgeous colors as the storm slowly drifted off into the distance. We only had about 20... maybe 30 minutes before the sun went down and we were out of light so we decided to go ahead and get up at sunrise the next morning and head back out to the beach. I had SO so much fun exploring PCB, shopping with Tiffany for outfits for the session and hanging out at the beach! After we finished up part 2 of our session we went out snorkeling, looking for sand dollars, we didnt find any but it was SUCH a relaxing way to wrap up a 2 day work trip to Florida before my 6 hour drive back. There were SOOO many fun shots from this session but I wanted to show off a few of my favorites!! Enjoy!

Im always looking for new places to explore, so if you are intereted in booking a session with me, no matter where you are... all you have to do is ask!