Belcher Family { Martinez, Georgia | Family Photography }

I met up with this adorable little family for a gorgeous sunrise session at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion. The morning light here is just something that cannot be denied. Kim and Matt have got to be the most patient parents I have had the pleasure of doing family photos for. Not that the kids were wild, but it was just the way they spoke and made sure to take advantage of every learning opportunity. In this crazy world we get so swept up in the fast life, we forget to stop and enjoy the little moments. A lot of parents think that photoshoots have to go perfect and thats usually where it starts to go wrong. I personally would rather capture pure emotion rather than photograph a child that has shut down because their parents don't believe they are behaving well enough or smiling pretty enough. I often have to remind parents to take a breath, and relax a little bit... I would rather capture the chaos than fake a smile. Its the real moments that matter. So slow down, enjoy that walk with your family. Embrace the beauty that is your life and live in that moment. Thats what makes a perfect family photo.