Laken + Jeremih { Fayetteville, Arkansas | Family Photography }

A few months ago my husband had to be away from us, myself and our 4 year old daughter. He had never been away from Payson for that long and we thought we were having a rough time. It was only three weeks and in the middle of a move but it felt like an eternity. Then I see that a couple of my fellow Facebook friends were also going through something similar. Only much much more real. I saw a new baby boy saying goodbye to his daddy for TWO years. My heart stood still. Jeremih's dad was being stationed in Japan. He will be on a ship for most of his days and his parents knew it would be best if Laken went home to finish school and be with her family during his deployments. Luckily they will at least get to see each other a few times a year on scheduled visits. Seeing the commitment they have to one another and to the U.S Navy just stopped me in my tracks and reminded me how easy I actually have it right now. I wanted to do this session for them to give Jeremih's dad something to look forward to when he's missing his family back at home. I hope that it gives him hope as a reminder, that his baby boy is in good hands and home is always waiting for him.