Franklin/Webber Family { Tontitown, Arkansas | Family Photography }

I know you've seen Maggie before but today, she brought her whole family and let me tell you... they are gorgeous!!! Models! Every single one of them! Beth, Maggie's mom brought us to her friends property in Tontitown for the session and we were greeted by either the friendliest, or the hungriest cows ever. I have never been greeted by a cow before but we all got to pet one this day! Surprisingly (and SCARY) even the bull was interested in what we were doing! So we had an audience the entire photoshoot but it still went pretty great!! The light was perfect and it was a warm day between the cold few we've been having lately, so I was happy, happy! 

I have loved hanging out with and photographing Maggie since the first time I met her, but now I see where she gets it from. Her family is so funny and so much fun to be around how could she not turn out amazing? Maggie and I rode through the field in the back of the SUV with the door open while her brother, Charlie hung on the back door. 

Gray, the youngest boy... wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken but the whole family came together to try to get him to crack that adorable smile of his. He was a tough cookie but the images turned out perfect because of it. They show so much love and compassion for one another, I couldn't have asked for a better family session. 

Did I mention... MODELS!! So GORGEOUS!!!! You will more than likely be seeing Maggie and Chloe's face again!!