Norrell Family { Siloam Springs, Arkansas | Family Photography }

What a fun session this was! They got pulled over on the way to the location, luckily got away with just a warning.That always makes for a great start to a session. We walked around downtown Siloam Springs and took advantage of the gorgeous colors that surround our gorgeous small town right now. Fall has got to be my favorite time of year, and THIS fall! WOW its been perfect!! The weather has been incredible and the leaves are taking their sweet time before they fall to the ground. 

Earlier this year I met a photographer in Atlanta who had started a Facebook group helping other photographers throughout Georgia to meet, and trade photography services. As photographers were always the one behind the camera and never in any of the shots. I thought this was such a great idea!! However I never got the chance to do any trade sessions in Georgia I thought, why not start here in Arkansas! I have traded sessions with two other photographers this month and it has been SO much fun!! Ill have to post the pictures I get from my sessions with these wonderful photographers. Here's my session Brandon, Parker, Piper, and Vanessa!!