Knox { Appling, Georgia | 1st Birthday Photography }

Its been a year of traveling for Four Fourteen Photography. Back in May I moved from Northwest Arkansas to Georgia. I traveled back and forth photographing in Georgia and Arkansas all summer long along with a session in PCB, Florida. Then in August we moved from Georgia to Alabama. Knox was my first session back in Georgia since moving to Alabama. I love to travel and a lot of people don't realize that it IS possible for Four Fourteen Photography to come visit your town!! All you have to do is ask!! No matter where you are, hit that contact button!! I would love to explore your town with you!!  Lets find the beauty in your town that the local photographers in your area are overlooking. A new perspective on a place you may have been a thousand times really does make a difference!! Take a chance on me... You wont regret it!

Knox is now 18 months old, when he was 12 months old his Mama booked a session with a local photographer who rescheduled the photoshoot and then never got back with Rachel. This poor Mom's heart was broken, she was really looking forward to the session she had planned. When she contacted me, I jumped into bed and prepared for my drive to do their session the very next day. I am sooo excited to deliver this gorgeous gallery to her. We had a so much fun!! The cake was a last minute addition, I guess you could say the entire session was last minute but it went perfectly! Ive never seen a kid get so serious when it comes to eating cake!! As soon as he took his first bite it was all serious business from then on, he didn't crack one smile. It was time to EAT! haha He could NOT be any cuter!!

Here are a few of my favorites from Knox's "1st birthday" pictures!!